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The new industry norm is: personalization. TargetMe enables rapid rule based correlation of subscribers data and device data from multiple sources for accurate identification of target segments. TargetMe allows the creation of scheduled and real-time event driven campaigns to deliver the right customer engagement actions at the right time. 


Key Benefits


Grow Revenue

Speed-up 5G adoption

Grow smartphone sales

Upsell higher value data plans


Faster Return on Investment

Ramp-up 5G customer base faster

Speed-up adoption of new services

Achieve break-even faster


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Share relevant information

Engage at the right time

Increase brand perception


Save care costs

Real-time customer insight to save Customer Care costs

Offer right services

Automate service activation

Tunisie Telecom tripled its 4G service adoption via Sicap TargetMe

The company increased 4G service adoption from 20% to 60% in just 8 Months using TargetMe. 

// Voices and communication services

In millions of devices

Sicap’s TargetMe context-aware customer engagement solution enables an operator to divide its customer base into small meaningful segments based on real-time data from multiple sources. Subscribers in different segments can then be engaged through targeted and personalized SMS messages, which are delivered automatically in real-time when a subscriber matching a specific segment is detected.

Customer engagement targeted to segments

Customer engagement targeted to segments

Create context-aware customer engagement campaigns, where a customer engagement action, e.g. a promotional SMS message, is delivered whenever a customer matching a predefined segment is detected

Personalized messages

Personalized messages

Once the engagement engine detects a subscriber matching a predefined segment a predefined SMS or MMS message is delivered. The TargetMe campaign builder tool allows highly personalized message content

Segmentation based on customer context

Segmentation based on customer context

On TargetMe, customer segments are defined based on contextual customer data. Any piece of data can be used as a parameter: Age, gender, location, SIM type, MSISDN, IMSI, prepaid/postpaid, device characteristic, usage data, ARPU and prepaid balance. Even the results of a past campaign can be used as a parameter

Import any data from any source

Import any data from any source

To feed data into TargetMe, an open and flexible data input interface (API) is provided to aggregate and populate any data from any source such as CRM and billing

Intuitive Engagement Builder

Intuitive Engagement Builder

TargetMe provides the users an intuitive graphical user interface through which the customer engagement campaigns are created and initiated just in a couple of minutes

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