Sicap Device Entitlement Server Ebook

canadian pharmacy cytotec VoLTE DES ebook provides an end-to-end overview This VoLTE DES ebook provides an end-to-end overview on device management related to next generation communication services

Sicap Intelligence Data Ebook

Sicap´s Device Intelligence data provides accurate and reliable mobile device profile data. Download our eBook and learn how to benefit from Device Intelligence!

Sicap Online Smartphone Support Ebook

Build an online selfcare service with Sicap’s Online Smartphone Support Sicap’s Online Smartphone Support enables operators and MVNOs to build an online self-care service, which

Mobile Security Ebook

Learn the details of Sicap’s Mobile Security solutions, Safer and Equipment Identity Register (EIR). Download our security solutions overview description.

Device Management

Sicap DMC solution Download the Sicap DMC solution overview and learn more about the World’s most deployed device management solution.


Use Sicap’s TargetMe to grow sales Already 10 mobile service providers use Sicap’s TargetMe to grow sales, improve promotions efficiency, and automatically activate services.

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