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Keep your network capabilities up-to-the-minute

Amidst the rapidly evolving world of mobile devices, operators face the challenge of keeping up to date with customers’ demands of the latest generation gadgets configuration. DMC combines fully-automatic device detection, device configuration and management functionalities to deliver data connection settings OTA in real-time tailored to your subscriber’s mobile devices. Enable your customers to receive data connection settings from self care and also customer center agents to trigger settings delivery on demand.


Key Benefits


Speed-up revenue uptake

Mobile devices are automatically configured for your network, enabling immediate Internet/Data service consumption


Increase In-Call-Centre Efficiency

Reduce operational costs and improve the customer care experience through remote troubleshooting and configuration tools


Market Intelligence for targeted services

Make better business decisions and sharpen your marketing strategy with a full and up-to-date device Knowledge base


Expand capabilities

Combine with add-ons such as APN correction and TargetMe.

All device configuration techniques supported

OMA CP Over-the-Air

For all devices supporting the OMA CP standard, Sicap DMC performs an over-the-air configuration

Apple iOS Configuration

For Apple iOS devices a URL-link to an online auto-configuration tool is delivered over SMS

Manual Setup Guide

For all devices which do not support over-the-air setup, DMC delivers a Manual Setup Guide over SMS which helps the device owner in device self-configuration

// Integration of

5 salient modules

DMC modules work in an integrated way to deliver device intelligence and help operators to optimize customer experience and access real-time reports.

Automatic Device Configuration

Automatic Device Configuration

The ADC detects device models and performs the real-time setup for device settings such as data APN, MMS, WLAN, etc.

Customer Care Device Configuration

Customer Care Device Configuration

Provides call centre agents a web based tool through which they quickly and efficiently remote-configure end-users’ devices

Self-Care Device Configuration

Self-Care Device Configuration

Provides custom-branded self-care web tool for end-users for quick and easy device setup

Real-time Device Analytics

Real-time Device Analytics

Business Intelligence reporting tool provides detailed real-time reports on the device base attached to the network

Device Database and Update Service

Device Database and Update Service

Sicap’s continuous Handset Update Process makes sure the Device Resource Database is always up to date

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