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The persistent problem of stolen and counterfeit mobile devices and smartphones is affecting the telecommunications authorities, operators and end-users globally. Smartphones are one of the most trafficked goods in the electronics counterfeit market. According to a study by

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Apple iPhone 6, the iconic smartphone released in 2014 is the most popular VoLTE phone in Europe. Five percentage of the VoLTE phone users were using iPhone 6 found Sicap’s VoLTE phone study, which examined 40 million

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Sicap’s VoLTE phone study examined 26 mobile networks in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, which had a total of 40 million VoLTE capable phones in active use, and were considered in the study. The VoLTE Phone Study

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The lack of automated and standardized VoLTE device configuration functionalities has slowed down the adoption of the Voice over LTE service for several years. VoLTE Device Entitlement Server (DES) is a network functionality, which solves the configuration

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Chatbots are becoming the preferred platform to deal with customer care interaction in many industries. It’s no surprise why – via a simple user interface, they can easily deliver answers and solutions to many customer enquiries in