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How MVNOs can leverage 5G The market for 5G technology in MVNOs has the potential to reach $9.1 billion by 2027, while the MVNOB2B market has the potential to reach $3.9 billion by the same year. One

How can MNOs and MVNOs reinvent their traditional business models?   With the development of recent technologies such as 5G and the evolution of the IoT (Internet of Things), traditional virtual network models are designing strategies to reinvent

3 steps to increase the Quality of Experience and reduce churn The hyper-connectivity and increase in the use of telephony services during the last two years has converted communication services into an essential element to maintaining the

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) increasing market and its impacts on communications industry Technologic progress is one of the main drivers of change in the communications industry, and the era of mobile services is evolving for both

5G: New opportunities and challenges for MVNOs  The possibilities generated by the 5G are still being explored, since the connection created by the technology will happen at speeds never seen before. Consumers, increasingly used to consuming services

Top 3 use cases for segmentation marketing to increase revenue and retain subscribers Facing stabilizing or even decreasing subscription volumes, mobile operators are taking a new approach to personalizing their services and increasing revenues. Companies that are

What are the main benefits of the Device Entitlement Server for end consumers? Improving the customer experience is one of the strategies most often applied by communication service providers to enhance the perceived value of their services,

How mobile operators are protecting their business, saving costs and conforming to security requirements at the same time? With the emergence of new connected devices every day, security measures are turning into one of the most essential

VoLTE Device Entitlement as an opportunity to increase new services adoption    The development of VoLTE across markets Companies in the mobile industry are increasingly facing the demand to adopt Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology to keep

Sicap’s Device Management Centre for the Connected World What is DMC?  Sicap’s world-leading Device Management Center (DMC) combines fully automatic detection, device configuration, and management functionalities including always up-to-date device characteristics database and device base analytics and