VoLTE Device Entitlement as an opportunity to increase new services adoption 


The development of VoLTE across markets

Companies in the mobile industry are increasingly facing the demand to adopt Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology to keep up with the market’s need for leading-edge mobile telecommunications services. However, the penetration of technology is expanding in different measures according to each market. 

The reason for this disparity is the technological development of each region of the globe. According to Mordor Intelligence report about VoLTE market, the industry’s competitive landscape is increasingly complex and fragmented, with the Asia-pacific region as the leader, with 3.48 billion subscriptions of Voice over LTE, followed by Europe, with 949.81 million. 

One of the most important benefits of adopting this technology is the experience during the calls. VoLTE enables data consumption and voice calls simultaneously without compromising the connection. It also reduces the call set-up time by 50% if compared to 2G or 3G networks and provides improved voice quality.  

For telecom operators, these advantages represent a high potential for growth and revenue generation since VoLTE is one of the bases for the operation of new services such as 5G.

VoLTE and its growth potential 

With the demand for 5G technology expected to accelerate in regions such as South Asia and Europe, providers are looking for new agreements and investments in LTE coverage as quickly as possible, thus giving the opportunity to sunset technologies such as 2G and 3G. 

The players who have already done it are achieving remarkable results, such as reduced time-to-market and Opex, and increased subscriber value.  

While Mobile operators in these regions have already started the race to develop new roaming agreements to include VoLTE, all other territories in the world still have a lot of room for acceleration.   

Device Entitlement Server 

To help operators face the challenge of accelerating the management process for modern technologies and generate new business opportunities, Sicap developed a Device Entitlement Server capable of managing differential entitlements to IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) services, such as VoLTE, with secure and universal access, simple and dynamic management, and entitlement for both android and IOS devices.  

In addition to the management tools, the platform also includes features to reduce costs and time of implementation, such as integration with external systems, integration services and real-time analytics. 

With more than 25 years of experience in device management, we have become a trusted partner of technology leaders (like Apple for DES (DEVICE ENTITLEMENT SERVER), GSMA for DMC (Device Management Center) to ensure proactive support of emerging technologies.  

This scenario enables our customers to significantly reduce the go-to-market time length with a simple activation journey for all types of mobile devices. 

Learn more about Sicap´s Device Entitlement Server and find out how to boost your subscribers satisfaction

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