Top 3 use cases for segmentation marketing to increase revenue and retain subscribers

Facing stabilizing or even decreasing subscription volumes, mobile operators are taking a new approach to personalizing their services and increasing revenues. Companies that are data-driven to deliver personalized services and products are seeing significant results. These are three examples of how one-to-one marketing can work in practice:

1 Customized approach

When a customer connects to a company through a service subscription and accedes to providing personal data, the expectation is that the communication established from that moment on be customized and according to their needs. Different user segments are looking for specific services, and have higher potential to engage with messages that specifically offer what they are looking for.

Mobile operators are starting to improve their connection with subscribers by focusing on the quality of communication to replace regular commercial and transactional contacts by a meaningful relationship based on the values shared by company and customer.

This connection created can be reflected, for example, in messages based on groups values and sense of belonging, such as digital nomads, environmental activists, etc. Consumers reached by personalized contact are more willing to purchase new services offered.

When companies can accurately identify multiple customer segments, they can create a closer relationship and go beyond traditional approaches in multiple touchpoints. For customers used to be targeted according only to their demographic data, approaches based on their identity represent an extra motivation to consume.

2 Targeted campaigns

One of the main benefits of managing accurate data of customers is the possibility to run campaigns effectively and reduce marketing efforts. With a predefined audience, it is possible to send the right message for the right target at the right time.

Mobile operators are using automatic resources to build small segments of customers and impact each one of them with multiple offers, saving costs and team efforts. With device knowledge associated with location data, they are enabled to offer customized services according to what customers are looking for and suggest the nearest store to complete the purchase.

3 Identify and reward premium customers

Every customer is crucial for a business, even if the relationship with the company is starting. However, converting new customers to the purchase or subscription step is still less profitable than retaining existing consumers. 

Rates of customer retention are important for measuring the success of a company in obtaining and maintaining customers. According to the ProfitWell report of average customer retention rate by industry, Telcom has a retention rate of 78%.

To meet this rate and encourage the adoption of new services, operators are looking for new strategies to identify loyal customers and maintain an active contact. When performed through legacy solutions, these strategies can be complex and require a high integration cost, but when automated, the investment in staff and time is significantly increased.

The Sicap solution –  TargetMe Context-Aware Customer Engagement


Until today operators have tried to solve these challenges through legacy marketing solutions, which require a complex, costly integration and much support. After the huge investment, it often turns out more than 70% of the purchased features are not even being used by the operators.

However, ten mobile operators around the world have proven that context-aware customer engagement automation as provided by Sicap TargetMe, is a modern, agile and effective way for MNOs and MVNOs to speed-up service adoption and to increase sales and customer satisfaction through real-time customer insight and personalized customer engagement messages delivered automatically at the right moments. 

What is TargetMe?

Sicap TargetMe is a Contextual Customer Engagement solution enabling wireless service providers such as MNOs and MVNOs to engage with their subscribers through personalized messages delivered automatically at the right moments based on the customers’ actual situation.

The automated engagement campaigns can be harnessed for any business purpose. For instance, marketing department is able to promote, upsell and cross-sell products and services with higher sales conversion, or to share important information with customers at relevant moments. Using TargetMe Contextual Customer Engagement, Customer Care is able to turn customer service into a proactive experience, where the help arrives before the problem occurs.

Alternatively, TargetMe performs external system calls similarly upon when a subscriber matching with a contextual profile is detected. Context based external system calls are used, for instance, to update the billing system or CRM with changed customer information.

About Sicap


Sicap is a global telecommunication solution provider enabling Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to deliver an all-encompassing customer experience to make the mobile world more profitable, manageable, and secure.  

Founded 20 years ago as a Swisscom spin-off, Sicap now works with 80 mobile operators and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) in 76 countries. Its international team is available worldwide to ensure excellent customer service.  

Today Sicap is part of Lumine. Lumine Group is a Portfolio of Volaris Group, a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc, a global multi-billion-dollar company based in Canada and listed on the Toronto stock exchange.  

Sicap solutions are built on its superior expertise in mobile device intelligence, SIM and device management, and big data analytics. The solutions are grouped into three areas: Device and SIM Management, Customer Insight and Engagement, and Mobile Security.  

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