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Tunisie Telecom - TargetMe use case

The current problem being faced by MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) is that they have a huge database of subscribers, with terabytes of data and live interactions, but not enough business intelligence to transform data into comprehensive, decision-making insights.

Our solution, TargetMe enables mobile operators to capture data from various sources, such as network data, subscriber data, and mobile device specs. This creates a segmented customer base, ready for real-time visualization and ad-hoc quires. In addition, the same data can be used for system provisioning actions and personalized customer engagement campaigns.

How Tunisie Telecom tripled their 4G service adoption


In this use case, the Tunisian wireless telecommunications service provider has successfully deployed Sicap’s TargetMe customer engagement solution to grow their network, value-added service revenues, and reduce customer-care call center costs.
When a subscriber with a 3G plan upgrades to a 4G capable handset, our TargetMe solution automatically instructs the service provisioning system to activate the 4G service for that subscriber.

Tunisie Telcom boosted their 4G subscription adoption from 20% to 60% in just 8 Months. 

The company carried out an average of 30 customer campaigns, on a daily basis, while using Sicap’s TargetMe solution. This triggers a total of five million compelling service offers daily to their customers, a tremendous differentiator against their competition.

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