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Saudi Telecom success story with Sicap’s TargetMe Solution


TargetMe enables you to create personalized marketing campaigns for any target customer segment. In this case, TargetMe was integrated with the CRM system to acquire a list of subscribers who had not yet upgraded to a 5G subscription plan. This allowed TargetMe to cross-check two data sets and identify their subscribers, which are using a 5G-enabled device but do not have a 5G extensive mobile data plan. 

Here is how Sicap’s STC customer built a Smarter mobile device management solution significantly increased their 4G to 5G subscriptions!


The solution for Smarter Mobile Device Management is very simple. It combines two systems – Sicap’s Device Management Centre (DMC) and TargetMe, which is a context-aware customer engagement automation solution.

After the detection and segmentation phase, TargetMe’s main functions include, Profiling and Campaigning that allows operators to measure and extract information from their target audience, as well as creating 5G service push campaigns. This enabled STC to reach the most prominent customer segment and turn them into valuable users!


This is how the solution works

The Smarter Mobile Device Management Solution takes advantage of the real-time device detection data provided by Sicap’s DMC. The Automatic Device Detection (ADD) function performs device detection based on triplet (MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI) information.
DMC detects all 5G-enabled mobile devices on the network and provides this information to TargetMe on a real-time basis.

With TargetMe, you can create personalized marketing campaigns for any target customer segment. You can automate the promotion campaigns, and the messages are sent only when a subscriber belonging to any of your target segments is detected in the network. In this case, TargetMe was also integrated with the CRM system for acquiring a list of subscribers who fit in the segmented group. This allowed TargetMe to cross-check two data sets and identify subscribers, which are using a 5G-enabled handset but do not have a 5G subscription purchased yet.

After the detection and segmentation phase, those subscribers who fell into the target segment were engaged through promotion message and their 5G subscriptions were automatically activated.

A personalized promotion campaign was targeted to those subscribers who were using a 5G handset but did not have 5G subscription yet. This enabled the operator to reach the most prominent customer segment and turn them into 5G users!

Each time a subscriber using a 5G handset is detected, Sicap’s TargetMe solution automatically instructs the Service Provisioning System to activate 5G service for that subscriber – friction in the user activation process is reduced!

Learn more about the TargetMe solution by downloading a solution overview ebook!

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