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Lara Barboza September 18, 2020 0 Comments

Sicap’s VoLTE phone study examined 26 mobile networks in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, which had a total of 40 million VoLTE capable phones in active use, and were considered in the study. The VoLTE Phone Study was conducted in January in 2019. We conducted the study to find out which are the most used VoLTE capable phones in the networks today.  

VoLTE Phone Study

  • 26 mobile networks in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe
  • 40 Million VoLTE capable phones considered in the study

The most popular VoLTE phone is Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6, the iconic smartphone originally released four years ago in September in 2014 is the most popular VoLTE phone based on Sicap’sVoLTE phone study, which examined 40 million VoLTE phones in use in 26 operators’ networks in Europe.

Almost five percentage (4.8%), or nearly 1.9 million of the 40 million VoLTE phone users that belonged to the reference group were using iPhone 6.

Key findings in Sicap’s VoLTE phone study

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Apple iPhone 6 was discovered as the most popular VoLTE device model with a share of 4.8% (1.9 million phones) of all the 40 million phones in the reference group that was considered in the study.
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Dual SIM device model was the second most popular with 1.5 million users (3.8%).
Apple iPhone 6S was the third most popular VoLTE phone with 1.2 million users (3.1%). 
The Top 3 VoLTE phone models covered 12 percentage of the entire base of 40 million devices studied.

Just one percentage, or the 25 most popular VoLTE phone models out of all the 2,300 registered models in the market covered 40% of all the VoLTE capable phones in the reference group.

Overall, Samsung was found the dominant VoLTE phone brand. Its 240 different VoLTE capable device models discovered in the reference group were used by 39% of the users.

The five most popular VoLTE phone brands were: Samsung (39%), Apple (19%), Huawei (10%), Xiaomi (9.5%) and Lenovo (2.2%).

The device models of the top five brands covered 80% of all the 40 million VoLTE phones in the study.   

Top 25 VoLTE Phones

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The thumbnail images of the devices on this webpage are provided by GSMArena.

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