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Operators and MVNOs have used Mobile Device Management for a handful of purposes – detecting mobile devices attaching on their networks, configuring those devices over-the-air (OTA) with the correct settings, and for acquiring analytics data about the devices. But, Mobile Device Management can be used for much more.
Here is how Sicap’s MENA-based operator customer built a Smarter mobile device management solution and Tripled their 4G Subscriptions in just 8 months!

What is Mobile Device Management? 

Originally Mobile Device Management was solely used for setting up mobile handsets with correct network parameters, such as WAP, SMSC and MMSC address, APN Settings and more.

When the Mobile Device Management Systems evolved technically and accumulated massive device databases including detection identifier data and device characteristics data, the role of Mobile Device Management expanded and partly diverted from its origin. Today, Mobile Device Management solutions are used for a much wider range of use cases. Here are a few of them…

MVNO APN setup  

While APN setup remains a problem for less MNOs, for MVNOs it is still one of the major tech problems. In order to “override” MNO APN settings on devices and to handle roaming cases correctly, MVNOs need accurate device detection capability and automated device configuration in order to secure revenue intake and great customer welcome experience.

VoLTE Mobile Device Management  

VoLTE and VoWiFi services require an extensive set of settings on each mobile handset. Mass-market VoLTE and VoWiFi take-off will require a centrally managed, over-the-air Mobile Device Entitlement functionalities in place.

Mobile Device Analytics 

When a Mobile Device Management solution tracks triplets (unique MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI code combinations) on a network for device configuration purposes it at the same time collects valuable device characteristics data, which operators and MVNOs can now use to support business decision making, customer-care service optimization, and marketing and promotion of services such as 4G.

This blog describes how one of Sicap’s MENA-based operator customer built a Mobile Device Management System and tripled its 4G subscriptions!

Smarter Mobile Device Management Solution – How to Deploy?

Smarter use of Mobile Device Management enabled Sicap’s MENA-based operator customer to boost its 4G subscription adoption from 20% to 60% in just 8 Months. Here is how they built the solution!

The solution for Smarter Mobile Device Management is very simple. It combines two systems – Sicap’s Device Management Centre (DMC) and TargetMe, which is a context-aware customer engagement automation solution. 

This is How the Solution Works

The Smarter Mobile Device Management Solution takes advantage of the real-time device detection data provided by Sicap’s DMC. The Automatic Device Detection (ADD) function performs device detection based on triplet (MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI) information.
DMC detects all 4G-enabled mobile devices on the network and provides this information to TargetMe on a real-time basis.

With TargetMe, you can create personalized marketing campaigns for any target customer segment. You can automate the promotion campaigns, and the messages are sent only when a subscriber belonging to any of your target segments is detected in the network. In this case, TargetMe was also integrated with the CRM system for acquiring the list of subscribers which do not yet have a 4G subscription plan. This allowed TargetMe to cross-check two data-sets and identify subscribers, which are using a 4G-enabled handset but do not have a 4G subscription purchased yet.

After the detection and segmentation phase, those subscribers which fell into the target segment were engaged through promotion message and their 4G subscriptions were automatically activated. 

A personalized promotion campaign was targeted to those subscribers who were using a 4G handset but did not have 4G subscription yet. This enabled the operator to reach the most prominent customer segment, and turn them into 4G users!

Each time a subscriber using a 4G handset is detected, Sicap’s TargetMe solution automatically instructs the Mediation system to activate 4G service for that subscriber – friction in the user activation process is reduced!

Switch on Smarter Mobile Device Management in Your Network!

The solution for faster 4G growth is Easy to deploy when you have a Mobile Device Management System in place – and most operators and MVNOs do. Just add Sicap’s TargetMe! Start Your 4G growth journey Today – Book a Quick Assessment with Sicap!

Learn more about the TargetMe solution by downloading a solution overview ebook!

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