Increase customer satisfaction with Sicap's TargetMe Solution


Understand how our TargetMe solution enables operators to divide their customer base into small meaningful segments based on real-time data found from networks, databases, and devices. Subscribers in different segments can now be targeted through customized and personalized SMS messages, which can be delivered automatically in real-time when a subscriber matches a specific segment. 

TargetMe creates automated engagement campaigns that can be constructed for any business purpose. For instance, it allows the marketing department of your company to promote, upsell and cross-sell products and services with higher sales conversion, as well as share important information with customers when appropriate. Our solution is here to help customers before a problem occurs. 

Until now, many operators have tried to solve segmentation challenges through legacy marketing solutions that require complex, high cost, and much support. After operators invest largely into these marketing solutions, it often turns out that more than 70% of the purchased features are not even being used by the operators. 

Through our experience, ten mobile operators around the world have proven that context-aware customer engagement automation as provided by Sicap TargetMe, is a modern, agile and effective way for MNOs and MVNOs to speed-up service adoption, increase sales and customer satisfaction through real-time customer insight and personalized customer engagement messages delivered automatically at the right moments.  

Our solution, TargetMe enables mobile operators to capture data from various sources, such as network data, subscriber data, and mobile device specs. This creates a segmented customer base, ready for real-time visualization and ad-hoc quires. In addition, the same data can be used for system provisioning actions and personalized customer engagement campaigns.

Personalized Messages

Once our engagement engine detects a subscriber whose context corresponds to a predefined customer segment a predetermined SMS or MMS message is delivered to the customer. The TargetMe campaign builder tool allows operators to personalize the message content, resulting in an increase of conversion. 

Use case example

Targeted Promotion to 4G-Device Owners to Speed-up 4G-Service Adoption  

  • TargetMe integrated with an Automatic Device Detection system, device characteristic database, and CRM for the required input data  
  • A customer segment defined for 4G-device owners, which do not yet have a 4G subscription  
  • When a subscriber matching this segment is detected, TargetMe triggers a system notification to the billing system for 4G-service activation, and a promotional SMS message with an embedded link to a 4G-promo webpage is delivered to the subscriber

About Sicap

Sicap is a global telecommunication solution provider enabling Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to deliver an all-encompassing customer experience to make the mobile world more profitable, manageable, and secure.  

Founded 20 years ago as a Swisscom spin-off, Sicap now works with 80 mobile operators and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) in 76 countries. Its international team is available worldwide to ensure excellent customer service.  

Today Sicap is part of Lumine. Lumine Group is a Portfolio of Volaris Group, a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc, a global multi-billion-dollar company based in Canada and listed on the Toronto stock exchange.  

Sicap solutions are built on its superior expertise in mobile device intelligence, SIM and device management, and big data analytics. The solutions are grouped into three areas: Device and SIM Management, Customer Insight and Engagement, and Mobile Security.  

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