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How MVNOs can leverage 5G

The market for 5G technology in MVNOs has the potential to reach $9.1 billion by 2027, while the MVNOB2B market has the potential to reach $3.9 billion by the same year. One of the main findings of Research and Markets report, which is responsible for this estimate, is that the advancement of new technologies would allow existing MVNOs to increase consumer-focused offerings. But what pathways can the market take now to capitalize on the expansion of 5G?

Today’s market need is for quicker services and higher connectivity, which has confronted MVNOs with infrastructure challenges. The solution may lie in the ability to leverage 5G and its lower cost of ownership (TCO) to balance the delivery of better experiences with cost efficiency. MVNOs in particular stand to gain from the growth of 5G in a number of ways. Here are some of them:

Russeifa Increased ARPU – The move from 4G to 5G will help MVNOs to maintain and grow their subscriber base. Moreover, the ability to up-sell both higher-value data plans and 5G handsets that allow subscribers to connect to 5G will help MVNOs boost ARPU and stay ahead of the competition. New business models – 5G creates greater network sharing opportunities which create potential for the emergence of new business models along service quality lines. This encourages the creation of new MVNO models, advancing reach into new market niches and boosting revenues. 

Emerging markets – small MVNO providers play a key role in coverage areas outside of large urban centres. As 5G grows, the improvements in reliability, bandwidth, and increased network efficiency will enable Mobile Network Operators to share greater network resources; extending this capability to MVNOs and allowing them to reach hundreds of cities faster than larger operators.  

A market where small providers can offer converged services in places where traditional operators would take longer to reach becomes more competitive and dynamic. New business models can emerge, bringing more service options to consumers from a range of demographics. 

Greater market intelligence and personalisation – 5G increases connection stability, which offers greater security in data transmission. With automated data reading solutions, the information can be harnessed for greater market intelligence on customer habits. This creates exciting possibilities for personalizing the customer relationship, including geolocation-based campaigns and real-time messaging. Building a more meaningful relationship with subscribers through personalisation and engagement tools will be key elements in MVNOs’ 5G strategies.

Sicap’s product portfolio enables MVNOs to automatically detect and configure mobile devices for internet access across all mobile technologies, including 5G, as well as creating a platform for customer insight, segmentation and targeting. 

Sicap’s Device Management Centre (DMC) enables operators to automatically detect, configure and manage data connection settings in real-time for all their subscribers’ mobile devices and for all generations of mobile technology, including 5G. The automatic device detection and configuration enhances customer care, increases call centre efficiency, and reduces operational costs.

Meanwhile MVNOs can leverage the information stored in the DMC to create enhanced marketing strategies and access new revenue streams.  

Sicap’s TargetMe solution also allows subscribers to be segmented – enabling MVNOs to establish which users have a 5G compatible device but not a 5G plan, for example, and creating the opportunity to create targeted promotions.




About Sicap


Sicap is a global telecommunication solution provider enabling Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) to deliver an all-encompassing customer experience to make the mobile world more profitable, manageable, and secure.  

Founded 20 years ago as a Swisscom spin-off, Sicap now works with 80 mobile operators and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) in 76 countries. Its international team is available worldwide to ensure excellent customer service.  

Today Sicap is part of Lumine. Lumine Group is a Portfolio of Volaris Group, a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc, a global multi-billion-dollar company based in Canada and listed on the Toronto stock exchange.  

Sicap solutions are built on its superior expertise in mobile device intelligence, SIM and device management, and big data analytics. The solutions are grouped into three areas: Device and SIM Management, Customer Insight and Engagement, and Mobile Security.  

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