How can mobile operators build revenue and retain happy customers? 

Device Entitlement goes a long way to help

Customer experience impacts all areas of your business  

With the proliferation of mobile devices, manually configuring devices or expecting users to master complex settings on their phones or tablets is not an option for mobile network operators in the market. In 2021 alone, more than 1.4 billion smartphone devices were sold globally, and there are no signs of it slowing down.  

With a growing number of mobile devices, operators need to step up to ensure they can manage their customer needs to the highest level to reduce churn. Services once considered a benefit, such as roaming setup while abroad, are now a “must-have”. 

Sicap’s Device Entitlement Server (DES) enables mobile operators to entice, retain and assist new customers efficiently; all over the air.  

How can device management and device configuration technologies help? 

Device Management technologies open the door for both operators and users when it comes to communication services on devices. Some of its key benefits are:   

  • Enable devices over with VoLTE, ViLTE, and VoWiFI settings to ensure high-speed and quality communications. 
  • Automatic updates – settings will be up-to-date and configured remotely for ease and simplicity 
  • Enhance leverage subscriber data to improve performance and roaming support and configuration 
  • Give the operator powerful analytics reports of device usage 
  • Enable services on companion devices, such as smartwatches  

How can DES improve directly on the customer experience? 

Beyond cost-efficiency, the Device Entitlement Server helps operators to improve customer satisfaction and boost ARPU. Key benefits for subscribers include: 

  • Companion device configuration profile 
  • OTA configuration profile 
  • Remote roaming configuration 
  • Automatic updates 

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