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SICAP and Oasis Smart SIM to offer MNOs the latest device entitlement server for IMS services entitlement and seamless eSIM Smartwatch companion device pairing orchestration.   February, 22nd 2022, SICAP, a Device Entitlement Server (DES) vendor and an industry leader

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How to Boost Subscriber Data Usage to Increase ARPU You have been invited to our Live Webinar on Wednesday, January 12th @2:00PM (GMT). We would like to count on your presence, fill in your details below to

Sicap announces new CEO, Elena Loghin Sicap has appointed Elena Loghin as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as of June 2021. Elena’s vast experience and leadership are empowering the management team strategy to strengthen Sicap’s brand and promote

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Tunisie Telecom - TargetMe use case The current problem being faced by MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) is that they have a huge database of subscribers, with terabytes of data and live

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Saudi Telecom success story with Sicap's TargetMe Solution   TargetMe enables you to create personalized marketing campaigns for any target customer segment. In this case, TargetMe was integrated with the CRM system to acquire a list of subscribers who had not yet upgraded to a 5G subscription plan. This allowed TargetMe to cross-check two data

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Sicap updates its Device Entitlement Server to include support for Apple Watch pairing, enhance provisioning capabilities for Android smartphones, and introduce emergency address submission for VoWiFi. Now network and virtual operators can seamlessly activate the services on

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Georgia’s telecom leader, MagtiCom selects Sicap’s next-generation Device Management Centre to replace its existing platform. The Sicap-hosted Cloud solution automates mobile device configuration, provides online self-care and improves customer care services for the operator’s more than three

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Operators and MVNOs have used Mobile Device Management for a handful of purposes – detecting mobile devices attaching on their networks, configuring those devices over-the-air (OTA) with the correct settings, and for acquiring analytics data about the

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The persistent problem of stolen and counterfeit mobile devices and smartphones is affecting the telecommunications authorities, operators and end-users globally. Smartphones are one of the most trafficked goods in the electronics counterfeit market. According to a study by

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Apple iPhone 6, the iconic smartphone released in 2014 is the most popular VoLTE phone in Europe. Five percentage of the VoLTE phone users were using iPhone 6 found Sicap’s VoLTE phone study, which examined 40 million